What is known about the quality of the product Nabasco®Sign?

Nabasco® biocomposite is a product with a long lifespan, in which the quality remains high throughout the life span. In contrast to many other composites, this product is a thermosetting material. This means that the board does not deform and can withstand extreme temperatures of -50°/+150°. With thermoplastics such as PVC-containing products, problems can arise in the areas of shrinkage, expansion, hardness and strength of the material, adhesion of the foil, etc. With Nabasco® biocomposite there is no chance of this happening.

The quality of the product has been extensively tested and there is more than 40 years of experience in the field.  The same process is used for the production of electrical cabinets, facade panels and headlights for the automotive industry. That too shows that this is a proven quality product.

The sign is supplied according to the VNVF – Ultimate Signing 20-year standard.  This means that it is provided with a printed image surface with the best retro-reflection performance and a protective laminate. The sign comes with an expiring 20-year guarantee.