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Nabasco® Sign

In a world that is increasingly moving towards sustainability, countless alternatives are emerging. There are also more and more choices in the field of sustainable traffic solutions, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Nabasco® Sign, however, we do not want to choose between sustainability and quality.

With Nabasco® Sign we introduce the most environmentally friendly and at the same time high-quality traffic sign that shows that top quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

The market demands sustainability

It is logical that there is an increasing demand for sustainable alternatives in the sector of road safety solutions. In a market in which tens of thousands of plates are replaced every year, the impact on the environment is significant and there is an increasing need for a sustainable alternative.

It is a challenge that we at Nabasco® Sign are happy to take on. Together with NPSP, the frontrunner in the field of alternative composites, we have invested and innovated extensively in recent years, resulting in the best and most environmentally friendly and sustainable road sign in Europe.

100% Sustainable

Only natural raw materials are used in the production of Nabasco®Sign traffic signs. The biocomposite consists of natural fiber reinforced material of Dutch reed, lime and resin.

100% Locally

The most important raw materials are residual materials from Dutch nature areas. This results in a considerably lower environmental impact than with materials from other continents, which cause considerable CO2 emissions due to transport. So 100% local!

100% Circular

Nabasco® biocomposite road signs are 100% circular. At the end of their life, the signs are ground, with the residual material being completely reused in the production of new traffic signs. The traffic signs are not manufactured from sheet material but from a modular mould. As a result, there is also 0% waste during production.

100% Quality

The lifespan of the fiber reinforced plastic is virtually unlimited and has proven to last for decades in practice. For example, electrical boxes are also made of this material. For the production of traffic signs, synthetic fibers have been replaced by natural products, such as reed.

100% Certified

Nabasco® biocomposite traffic signs comply with the European standard NEN-EN 12899-1 and the Dutch standard NEN 3381:2020. Of course, the rear is in the obligatory gray color. Our traffic signs therefore contribute to a uniform and quiet streetscape.

our sustainable users

Below are a number of customers who have expressed their confidence in Nabasco®Sign biocomposite road signs. Varying from signage for new sustainable neighbourhoods, hectometre signs along the innovative highway to replacement of existing rejected aluminum traffic signs; Nabasco®Sign has already fully proven itself in the outdoor area

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Choosing Nabasco® Sign means that you have the most innovative and quality product available on the market. 

If you are interested and/or have questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you with your sustainability question for traffic signs.

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